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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Day After Pill

CNN is reporting that the Dems had a good showing at the polls yesterday. A governorship here and there, a few initiatives that were good for a lefty-leaning populace.

Bummerman is less enthused.

The fascist smoking ban passed. I've actually heard supporters refer to their victory as "making Washington smoke free." I'm sure they would like nothing better, but hopefully this law will fall short of such a ridiculous result. If only there was a way to round up all the people with minivans and mass-lobotomize them. I'm sure these kinds of initiatives would flop then.

The monorail seems doomed now. Congratulations jerkwads. Now please make some other option for efficient mass transit materialize. I'm happy enough to say goodnight to endless monorail bureaucracy, but our current highway and bus system blows monkey chunks. Does this mean we will now suffer a light-rail alternative boondoggle? And then what... a 2030 hovertrain boondoggle? A 2060 laser-guided teleportation system boondoggle? And then for the year 2100 we can all celebrate having zero gas-free transportation options just in time for the ceremonial burning of the last drop of gasoline. It will be used to power the MiniTank that Tim Eyeman III uses to drive from Bothel to Renton for his day job.

As for all the elected official races... it seems like all the incumbents and expected-to-win people secured their positions. While this provides some kind of relief, it also seems a bit disappointing. Surely we can agree that there has been some poor leadership in fair Seattle, and it seems sad that another term of Mayor Nickels is the best we can hope for. Go, go status quo!

Bummerman apologizes for this interruption. Go back to your day-after election parties.

Barak Obama (on Jon Stewart the other night) was actually funnier than the Daily Show host.
But he sure has unnaturally white teeth, fueling speculation that he's literally an Oreo cookie. Conversely, 30-something Detroit mayor, and unapologetic hiphopper, Kwame Kirkpatrick won his reelection bid while steadfastly... uh... keepin' it real... um... y'all. Many speculate that with Larry Brown gone from his coaching position with the Pistons, Kirkpatrick will have a hard time milking the feel-good vibes in Motorcity for much longer. But to his credit, he has apparently figured out a way to relocate all the city's rioters to Paris.

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At 11/10/2005 08:58:00 PM, Blogger diane said...

Vancouver BC currently has 49km of SkyTrain. They have just approved an extension of their light rail/monorail system to include accsss to the airport, all to be completed by 2008. Where have we gone wrong?


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