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Monday, October 10, 2005

BummerMan has Field Day!

Oh, happy day fellow schadenfreudist sportsfans! For today a $200 million dollar juggernaut came crashing down. The New York Yankees, they of the record-setting payroll, lost in their opening playoff series to Western Division Champions The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (who not only have the stupidest name in sports... they also have ugly uniforms.) They did, however, do all of us a big favor by beating the accursed Spankees three games to two in their best of five series. Now the Yankees go home and we no longer have to watch Derek Jeter's smug "leadership", Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield's steroid-fueled facial acne, or Jason Giambi and Bernie Williams' pathetic defense.

And then there's Alex Rodriguez. He is the perfect magnet for Yankee-haterdom... as Pay-Rod represents everything insufferable about the Bronx Bombers: overpaid, heartless, and prone to asinine quotes. Perhaps most importantly the Yankees, like Alex, lack a loveable flaw. They are statistically perfect. Collectively, they are the equivalent of Russian boxer Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. And that just adds to the enjoyment when they fall.

Best moments of the series: #3 Chone Figgins diving catch in centerfield preventing a big Yankee rally. #2 Alex grounding into a double play in the 9th inning of game 5 while representing the tying run at the plate. #1 Anaheim fans cheer madly as A-Rod gets drilled in the ribs with a Bartolo Colon fastball.



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