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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Talking 'Bout a Revolution

Those of us who talk about our dreams
suffer a sad tendency not to fulfill them.
There is something about voicing the ambition
that robs it of its potency.

Those who keep closed council
and chart their course with only the stars as guideposts...
they are never tired; action is their lifeblood.
But I know little of them for they do not speak.

Once loosed from the lips, I lunge and clutch at my words
trying vainly to re-ingest them.
One day I'll brim with motivation and it won't matter,
or else I'll join that brotherhood of the comfortable silence.

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At 3/10/2010 03:56:00 AM, Blogger lowcoolant said...

You realize that just by writing "someday" in a public place, you're destroying your potential to one day be motivated? Aha? AHA??

At 3/10/2010 01:34:00 PM, Blogger John said...

Ack! Damnit! Screwed again!

At 3/15/2010 03:43:00 AM, Blogger mol said...

Steve you're such a Thunda Steala.

At 3/16/2010 04:49:00 AM, Blogger lowcoolant said...

Olew Foldy Thunda Steala!!


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