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Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Musings V

We're only a month away from Stave It Off's one year blogo-versary. When the day comes, I'm going to celebrate by making some acerbic comments about pop culture. I'm sure everyone will will be shocked.

In a moment of PURE GENIUS, I decided to wait until one day after April Fool's Day to play my practical joke. Thus, no one was suspecting when, on April 2nd, I appeared to fall backwards off the side of a cliff! Diane, Silvio and Eric watched as I jogged over toward the edge of a bluff at Discovery Park, yelled at them to take a picture of me and then intentionally stumbled backward over the edge. Of course, moments before I had scouted the spot and seen that there was a lovely sandy ledge five feet below what seemed to be a dangerous precipice. Ah, good times.

Later Eric decided to torture us all with an amazing Malaysian dinner. He combined sour, hot and bitter spices with tofu and veggies in a soothing coconut milk broth, poured it over rice noodles and garnished each bowl with loads of fresh basil leaves, green onions, ground peanuts and cucumbers. At about 4 stars spicy, I'm sure we'll all enjoy it again sometime later today.

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At 4/03/2006 07:10:00 PM, Anonymous mel said...

Hello Sunshine-y-upbeat man,

You are right, that guy takes the cake....or more specifically viciously mocks the cake in 10 different ways with graphics. great laughs though.

Your cliff joke sounds like a hoot, although the others might have a different perspective.



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