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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Been Seeing Some Funny Lookin' Bible Quotes...

And then I discovered the source: The Message. A new translation of the Bible that brings The Word up to date and lets the common man relate to Jesus and his mom and dad. Now when you quote the Bible you don't have to stumble over all those big words. Now it's all up front, in yer face and keepin' it real. And most importantly, The Message only translates the New Testament, so you don't have to worry about modernizing all those crazy laws in Leviticus.

Here's a review posted on the site that sells these things:

"It's like Jesus and all the peoples of the Bible were there with you!
I just have to tell you about this Bible! You just have to get a copy for yourself, it's just that great! [Emphasis mine] When I read mine, it's like I was right there-in the very center of things, hearing God's Holy Word, being with Jesus and really, I mean REALLY [OK, I get it!], understanding it! You can almost hear the sounds and see the sights of that day in time when you read! Everything comes to life! You see the people running out of the temple when Jesus chased them out with a whip and over turned tables! You can see the animals running and the money rolling about! [OK, so now we know which part of the Bible you really dig] This is the very best Bible to use for reading [as opposed to... uh... throwing at people] that I have ever come accross [sic], I highly recommend it! Try it for yourself and see, then feel free to email me and share you [sic] feeling about it! I'll be waiting to hear from you! Don't forget to leave a review of your own so others will see how great it is! God Bless you!" [You could try ending at least one sentence with a period rather than an exclaimation point.]
Posted by: Sherry Jones

All I can say is thank God. It's about time someone updated that thing... what is it... like a thousand years old? _Rants



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