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Monday, August 22, 2005

Heightened Awareness

In lieu of answering the question, "Hey, you're pretty tall, just how tall are you?" ever again, I'm just going to post a few thoughts about what it is like to be 6'6". Just in case you were wondering.

Tall People Thought #1: There are a lot of spiderwebs in this world... and an inordinate amount of them happen to get stuck to my face. Man, I wish there were more tall people around clearing these things out so I didn't have to. Short people probably never have to frantically swipe cobwebs and and quite possibly thousands of baby spiders out of their hair.

Tall People Thought #2: Tall people do recognize each other in crowds. And yes, we do nod our heads in silent mutual respect. We have a kind of unspoken club... and no, you can't join... not even if you wear stilts.

Tall People Thought #3: Whenever I spot another person of 6'6" or so my first thought is, "Holy Jebus! That is one tall mutherhumper. Man... that guy is like... freakishly tall." Then I realize he's looking at me the same way. Then we both silently nod in mutual recognition. Respect to alla my freaky brothers.



At 8/23/2005 02:04:00 PM, Blogger Ned said...

No way! There are too many cobwebs there! Yes, short people do get 'em too, the ones you miss with your hands while they're up there where the air is clear brushing them off yer tall-faced self.


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