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Friday, September 21, 2007

Went to see Low at the Triple Door

The venue is an excellent idea. The audience sit in scalloped table booths that stretch back to accommodate 150-200 guests. There are balcony boxes above. The food is taken from the Wild Ginger menu, and the cocktails are good if pricey. I think they rarely get acts that I want to see (judging by the posters in the bathroom) but I got to see Low there on Wednesday night with my old friend Danny.

Oddly, the last time I did something social with Danny was when we went to see Low at the Tractor Tavern with my mother... about 7 years ago.

Danny and his girlfriend Jennifer liked this tune the best:

And this was my favorite.

"When they found your body, giant x's on your eyes...
and with your half of the ransom, you bought some sweet sweet sweet sweet sunflowers
and gave them to the night.

"Underneath the Star of David, a hundred years behind my eyes...
and with my half of the ransom, I bought some sweet sweet sweet sweet sunflowers
and gave them to the night.

And looking at other Low videos on YouTube, I thought this was the best:



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