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Friday, August 03, 2007

Wedded Bliss

O and I drove up to Bellingham last weekend to attend Brandon and Molly's gorgeous wedding. I used to hate weddings... I think I attended too many where young couples ceded control of the event to their parents and grandparents who decided to have a priest perform the rites, even when the participants were pagans or atheists. But lately, the weddings I've attended have been meaningful mixes of tradition and innovation that reflect a genuineness and emotional depth I didn't think possible. Kudos to all you marriage embracing folks, and to all of you mail-order ministers who outclass ordained clergy in every way.

O and I getting our seats early

Olaiya rocking the red wrap with Boat Street boss lady Renee

Brandon and Molly standing in front of the dramatic sea and sky backdrop.

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Petit-Wizenberg or whatever they're calling themselves now



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