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Monday, May 22, 2006

Car Talk

My car is healthy again! And on the road, I'm filled with confidence and swagger once more. Just like a 60 year old man who has recently cheated death with a quadruple bypass surgery.

Sure my car is running on borrowed time, but for right now, she's healthy. That pesky leak in my radiator fluids was probably just a cracked overflow tank (now replaced) and I guess that electrical problem was just a failing starter (also now replaced.) I have no idea why a failing starter would also cause my dashboard radio and clock to reset (as if the whole electrical system was failing) but perhaps that's just one of the many characteristic quirks of the '96 Ford Taurus. I felt so happy, I immediately went out and washed all the caked-on dust and pollen off of her, so she looks as good as she feels. $400 for peace of mind. I guess it's worth it. Until I decide to become carless again.



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