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Monday, November 19, 2007

Past Blasting

I got a mysterious RSVP for our last Full Belly event. A stranger named Jenny A said that she found us on Google and that "suffice it to say, we have mutual friends." She was enigmatic about who our connection was, which is a sure way to drive me completely bonkers trying to figure it out. I was wracking my brain, thinking about every Jen, Jennifer and Jenny I have ever known. I think there's about 600 of them.

Then she rang the doorbell and my past, as they say, was blasted. Jenny A, formerly Jen D, stood in my doorway laughing at my ridiculous expression. I hadn't seen her in a dozen years. And that time was a freak run-in. Before that it was probably the Summer after my senior year of high school since we'd last spent any time together. Lucky thing she still looks about the same. As it was, it took me a full heartbeat to reconnect all the neurons.

As I told Jenny that night, it was a wonderful feeling to see her again. I had pretty much written off everyone I knew in high school, save for the few friends that I still keep in touch with. I hadn't considered the possibility of reconnecting with anyone outside that sphere. When my ten year reunion came (and went) I barely noticed. I always assumed that revisiting that time in my life would only feel awkward or disappointing. Instead, I had to check myself from gossiping too much about our old mutual friends (and boring everyone else at the party.) It was delightful to see Jenny again and I hope she keeps supporting the Full Belly Project!



At 11/23/2007 11:29:00 AM, Blogger molly said...

Oh! Tell Jen D hi for me! Last I heard of her, she was in Portland or Bend (I think, can't remember which), she got pregnant, and then she disappeared. That's completely awesome.

Oh, and hi to you and O as well! :-)


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